Tra Que village – one of interesting destinations in Hoi An

The center of Hoi An ancient town 3km from Northeast, situated between De Vong River and Tra Que seagrass lagoon, Tra Que Vegetable Village of Tra Que village, Cam Ha, the city of Hoi An.

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Tra Que vegetable famous for so long with many vegetables are grown on fertile soil, fertilized with seaweed taken from the river should have its own unique flavor.

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Go to Tra Que Vegetable Village, visitors will become real vegetable farmers in the farmers’ clothes, slippers, hats leaf vegetables were presented for how villagers digging, planting, watering and care fertilize vegetables. After showering, rest, guests will enjoy dishes prepared from green vegetables endemic Tra Que and Quang Nam delicacies such as cakes dam, cauldron cakes, mussels mixed, organic shrimp, noodles Quang high floor … Hoi An

Guests can arrive Tra Que by bike, by boat … and Tra Que vegetable village with unique herbs cultivated vegetable growing clean technology is the new type of unique tourist attracting tourists domestic and foreign visitors.

According French newspaper Le Figaro: Tra Que village is one of ten destinations tourists must not miss when visiting Viet Nam by the special by itself.