One of UNESCO World Heritages_HaLongbay

Located in Quang Ninh Province, Halong Bay is recognized by UNESCO as one of the World’s Natural Heritages of Vietnam. You have vietnam travel, so must come to Quang Ninh to visit Halong bay one time. You will feel awesome in here! 

Welcome to Halongbay!

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Its name, Halong – Descending Dragon, is taken from an old legend in which the area was protected by this magical creature from China’s invasion.

Undoubtedly, halongbay is one of the most famous attractions of Vietnam. At the first glance, its beauty seems to be full of fantasy and hence too good to be true. The islands and caves system of giant limestone bedrock are of more than 500 million years old. Looming over the turquoise sea, the jungle-covered cliffs look like archaic towers. From the roofs of kaleidoscopic caves, stalactites are formed, and along the shores of more than 3,000 islands each has its own unique characteristics, there line golden beaches. Features like coral reefs, tiny lakes, freshwater swamp forests as well as grottos and profound caves with hidden ponds contribute to the remarkable diversity of Halong Bay’s ecosystem. The best time to visit Halong Bay in a year is in summer, from March to June, because the weather is more likely to be clear, no chances of rains or grey skies that gloom your days and block your view. Also, at that time, seafood, a remarkable trait of Halong (including blood cockle, lobster, octopus, tu hai, and so on), is much available, and also fresher and more enjoyable for you to taste. In order to get the most out of your Halong trip, you should take a cruise that lasts for two days or more. There are countless activities for you to explore, like venturing into the jungles of Cat Ba to catch into your eyes the figures of giant squirrels and golden-headed langur – an endangered species, or visiting Bo Hon Island to enjoy an exceptional beauty as well as explore a extraordinary system of caves and caverns – with some name can be given: Shocking Cavern, Virgin Cave, and Pelican Cave..