Halong Bay at night

Staying on board in the evening, or travel aroud Halong by cyclo… there are many activities for you to join in.

Ha Long Bay is famous for its natural stony creations, includes1969  big and small islands of which only 40 islands have people living in there. Those impressive islands and caves have been formed around 250-280 million years ago. Most islands here are limestone, some are schist islands. Exploring into the islands one could explore all the beautiful caves that couldn’t be artificially made.

Follow is some activities for you to do in Halong Bay.

At least once in life, you should try a moonlight night on board in Halong Bay. Clear and Fresh seafood is supplied from coracles of fishers or you fish by yourself.

An experience to travel around Halong by Xích Lô (Cyclo: a kind of bicycle with three wheels driven by a rider) or a horse-driven vehicle in the evening and enjoy the sea atmosphere and the unique leisurely feelings that it brings.It is so great!!!

Come to Bãi Cháy bridge at dawn, take elevator up ( the price is quite cheap)  you will sightseeing the sea sunset just found in your dreams.

There are several bars in Halong, most crowded in the evening, however they are quite similar with those in Hanoi or Hochiminh City.