Da Nang Vietnam travel guide

Da Nang travel experiences


– If your time is tight, only 1 day, you should main attractions such as: Dragon bridge (cầu Rồng ), Champa museum, Linh Ung pagoda (chùa Linh Ứng), 1 of some beaches: Non Nuoc, My An, My Ke, Han river bridge (in night) and 1of 2 following places: Son Tra peninsula (bán đảo Sơn Trà) or Ngu Hanh Son mountain (Ngũ Hành Sơn), these places are far apart so you must choose 1.

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Han Han river bridge Da Nang Vietnam

– If you have 2 days, you should add Ba Na hill. You can go to Ba Na by car or motor (rent in Da Nang city). I prefer going by motor, it’s freedom and convenient for taking photos.

– If you have more time, about 6 days, you should combine 3 adjacent places: Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An. 3 days in Hue, 2 days in Da Nang and 1 day in Hoi An.

* Detail for 1 day itinerary in Da Nang

– Early morning, driving to Son Tra peninsula (cross Han river bridge and go straight AH17 highway ). Driving up the mount. I like siting in cafe, drinking a coffee and watching the bustling city. You should drive around the peninsula and relax with sea wind, then back to the city according to Hoang Sa road. Don’t forget to visit Ling Ung pagoda on this road, where is very beautiful and peace. If going early, you will have enough time to visit Dragon bridge and return to the city to lunch late.

Ling Ung pagoda – Da Nang vietnam travel guide

Linh Ung pagoda – The bigest pagoda in Da Nang

– Afternoon, visiting the Champa museum (in city), then bath at 1 of 3 beaches: Non Nuoc, My An, My Ke.

– Evening, circlring the city, eating famous snacks of Da Nang, watching Han River bridge. Last, sleeping in hotel and dreaming about Da Nang. ^^

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* 2 days itinerary

– First day, you visit attractions in 1 day schedule.

– Second day, you go to Ba Na hill, a famous tourist resort of Da Nang.

After reaching the hill (by car or motor), there are 3 ways to climb the peak.

Ba Na hill in Da Nang Vietnam

Ba Na hill

+ Cable car. This’s popular way, that’s fastest and shortest. Fares is about $20, include ticket of amusement park (on the peak).

+ Road. There is a old road that you can walk to the peak. Now, vehicles are not allowed, just walking. If walking, You will take a long time.

+ Trail. It’s steep and difficult, only suitable for those who have more time.

If having least 5 days, you should combine traveling Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An, they’re very close together. 2 days for Hue, 2 days in Da Nang and 1 day for Hoi An. You will have overview about Central of Vietnam.