the beauty captivates the crowd of tourists in Ha Giang

you do not have to go through the city but choose the direction Highway 2 and so headed to Ha Giang. With this path, it takes about 9 hours to reach the city of Ha Giang.

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Ha Giang with just unspoiled beauty, grandeur has long been occupying the hearts of tourists from all parts of the country. From man to the scene carries the sacred value of Ha Giang only new land.

Immerse yourself in the beauty captivates the crowd of tourists in Ha Giang

For a long time, said to travel the northern mountains, people can not ignore the very attractive place called Ha Giang. Put on her coat colorful nature, Ha Giang season is beautiful and majestic despite the time.

From Hanoi, Ha Giang to reach, you can choose to car and motorbike to explore the streets. Or to secure, then you can travel Ha Giang by bus. If traveling by car or motorbike own, you can follow two routes:

First Street: Starting in Hanoi – Shanxi, go straight to the bridge Trung Ha, followed by Co Tiet, through all Phong Chau bridge, you turn right along the river to Phu Tho Sports – Doan Hung then turn away Tuyen Quang. Here, you do not have to go through the city but choose the direction Highway 2 and so headed to Ha Giang. With this path, it takes about 9 hours to reach the city of Ha Giang.

Roads Monday: Starting in Hanoi, you pass Thang Long bridge, turn to Vinh Phuc, Vietnam and the route Tri – Phu Tho – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang. Since this is the road which buses run quite crowded but save about 30km route.


There’d choose to go back safely, then you can buy tickets at My Dinh bus station with prices from 170000-200000 VND / person / trip. You should book a ticket before going to the garage to avoid cramming.

Go to Ha Giang, there are many motels and hotels to choose from as a stopping point. Room rates there range from only 120000-400000 copper / day. There are also plenty of motels as “homestay” for those you love backpacker at just 20,000 – 50.000 dong / person.

Those who used to spend Ha Giang travel tips that you must rent a motorcycle to visit this city. In Ha Giang, motorbike rental service virtually in all the motels, hotels with prices from 200000-250000 copper / vehicle.

And now, let’s explore unspoiled mountain town, this ravishing Light:

Beauty Ha Giang is dotted with rocky mountains undulating, winding road passes or deep chasms shore. Nature just spectacular, just strange energetic again made people arriving will not leave just wanted to stay forever.

Had to travel Ha Giang , certain unforgettable sensory experience “flying” on Ma Pi Leng. Dubbed the “king of the North Pass”, Ma Pi Leng is not only slightly gritty, rugged but beautiful like a natural picture is extremely impressive. Standing on Ma Pi Leng will be an extremely wonderful experience when mixing in both sky and magnificent mountains, again just infatuated.

Where the ends of the country – Lung Cu flagpole – is a destination not to be missed when coming here. Crossing the 1.5km distance, crossing 389 and 140 stairs spiral stairs just inside the flagpole, you will enter is to the top of Lung Cu, Ha Giang – the northernmost point of the country – where the red flag flying stars yellow, light up the deep pride of the nation.

An ancient features, stay in the heart of Plateau is the ancient city of Dong Van. Dong Van Town is nestled between the valleys, surrounded by four surface is rocky. Only came up with 40 beautiful little roof fall in between majestic mountains, intertwined between the ancient meditative strokes with magnificent nature has created a unique charm to Ha Giang.

How Dong Van 15km towards Yen Minh district, Sa Phin portal appeared overwhelmed that anyone can not refrain. From the portal, you will be able to fully enjoy the beautiful nature picture of Sa Phin valley dreaming or admire the unique architecture, the king of the castle rare cats.

A landscape that is extremely curious travelers in this region must mention breasts Ba – places associated with legends about his romance with fairy giant here. Is the crystallization of the natural beauty and geological formations, breasts Ba is not only a beautiful place icons plateau, but also charms but not where there are.

If you have to Ha Giang, do not miss the opportunity to visit the palace King Cat. Nearly a century ago, on the rocky plateau of Dong Van, Meo chieftain who built a palace here. Situated on a low hill in Sa Phin valley, mansion surnamed Wang served as the house’s most powerful rock mountains of Ha Giang, right behind the gate Quan Ba ​​Heaven.

Ha Giang is not only beautiful natural scenery but also has a lot of specialties “Footbinding” tourists.

Tours Ha Giang comfortable 3 days 2 nights for a group of 4 people will fluctuate 2,000,000 / person. There is no reason to not try once you arrived here? Certainly lands “charming painted marine” will make you instantly captivates. Be “bear backpack up and went,” come!


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