The special hotels in Vietnam

In Vietnam, has so many special Thing. For example: The special hotels in Vietnam. Let go to Vietnam.

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Hongkong Kaiteki Hotel – Capsule-style hotel in Saigon

Hongkong Kaiteki
This is the first capsule hotel in Saigon

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Located in Bui Vien Street, Hongkong Kaiteki Hotel is an affordable and advanced hotel to many backpackers.

As its name suggests, the rooms in this hotel look like a follicle with the area of 2 square meters (length: 2 meters, width: 1 meter, height: 1.2 meters). It is big enough for a person to sleep inside. The two mattresses make it really soft for you to lie in. The hotel has 60 capsule bedrooms. Ear plug, small air conditioner, and a curtain provide you with a comfortable feeling when sleeping.

Hongkong Kaiteki

Male Economy Capsule

Unique hotels in Vietnam
Male Economy Capsule

Capsule rooms are well-equipped with air-condition, a flat-screen TV, headphone, etc. Visitors are provided with a large closet for luggage.

VIP room

Hongkong Kaiteki
VIP Room

It is really a cheap hotel. It only costs $6 for economy capsule and $7 for VIP room. Facilities are similar to Economy Capsule but the view is stunning.

  • Add: 02 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

The Circle Vietnam – “Tubular” hotel in Dalat

The Circle Vietnam

This is a new hostel in Dalat that provides you with a choice to spend the night in a tube. For only $9/person, you can have one of ten tubular-shaped rooms and one of the most unique accommodation experiences in Vietnam.



The Circle Vietnam is an ideal place for group activities such as campfire, etc.


  • Add: 233 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3, Dalat city

Coco Beach Camp – “Tents” hotel in Binh Thuan

Coco Beachcamp

There is no high-rise building; instead, you can only find colorful tents placed in the sea sands. The tents with different sizes can accommodate one person or even the whole family. Transforming your ordinary trip in resorts at the beach to a trip feel with a tent is a great choice.

There are many interesting outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, diving, and windsurfing, etc.

It only costs about $7 – $10 to rent a tent. Feel free to bring your favorite food to the beach as you don’t have to pay any charge like in other beach.

Coco Beachcamp

  • Add: Le Minh Cong Street, Tan Phuoc, Lagi Town, Binh Thuan Province

Asia Home – “Honeycomb” hotel in Nha Trang

Asia home

Visitors to Nha Trang now have new option for budget accommodation. This is the first cocoon-style bedrooms launched in Nha Trang. The hotel has 56 bedrooms of 2 square meters each.  They are classified into two floors. Each chamber is equipped with a television, a refrigerator, and firefighting equipment. It only costs $8/room/night.

Unique hotels in Vietnam

  • Add: 25 Le Loi, Nha Trang

Beepub Hotel – “Tiger” cage hotel in Dalat

Located close to Dalat city center, Beepub Hostel offers guests basic accommodation with simply furnished, fan-cooled rooms, tiled floor, a wardrobe, a mosquito net, a TV, etc.

Rooms are designed in many different interesting styles.

Attic Dorm
Color Dorm
Spring Dorm
Gap Room
Unique hotels in Vietnam
White Cuckoonest Room
  • Add: 74 Truong Cong Dinh, Dalat city

Like Backpacker Hostel in Da Nang

Located in the city center, Like Backpacker Hotel is the combination of modern architecture and free style of backpackers. The price is really cheap with only $8/person.

Like Backpaker Hotel

Like backpacker hotel
Like backpacker hotel
  • Add: 22A Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang city

Coto Eco Lodge – “Duck tent” Hotel

Coto Eco Lodge

Coto Eco Lodge is a unique hotel offering space for a truly secluded vacation. Each bungalow has distinct decorations made of natural materials. The interior is meticulously designed.

The price may range from $40 – $50/room/night

Coto Eco Lodge