Learn how to Catch Hanoi taxi like a pro: Around town

Inflated fixed rate, long route, dodgy meter, they should never be obstacles hindering you from enjoying your time in Hanoi. You can learn how things work here and be determined in making judicious decisions.

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Some Hanoi taxi brands options

Ideally, stick to well-regarded taxi companies. Taxi Groups, Mai Linh, ABC are always recommended. If you are on budget, Mai Linh is a good choice. Other alternatives are small firms such as Thanh Nga, Vic, Morning Taxi and Phu Dong. There are many Hanoi taxi companies, yet they’re in scant supply in Old Quarter as this is a hub of foreigners and visitors. The helpful piece of advice is that you walk out of the tourist center to main roads to hail a taxi.


If you’ve just walked out of your hotel, a bar or restaurant, get the staff there call you a taxi. Maybe the coming cab is not one from the recommended companies, but as long as you are at a reputable place, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Ask them how much it should be to get an idea.

Once you get in a cab and know the rough price to get to the place you’re heading, you can feel free negotiate on a fixed price. If you have no idea, don’t try to do that as their first bid is likely to be sky-high, especially late at night.

How about taking a stroll to contemplate Hanoi? The city is the most beautiful when the night falls.

Another mode of transport is buses, which is reasonable frequently, or xe om (taxi motorbikes), which also require some haggling technique. There are some xe om firms that have their bikes equipped with the meter clock but they are mostly found at the buses and minivans stations such as My Dinh and Giap Bat.


The final tip is to line your wallet with some change everywhere you go. Drivers can resort to a common ultimate trick of not-having-change. In that case, you pay less rather than more. No change is their problem, not yours.