Everything at Quán Ăn Cu Đức, Dalat, Vietnam

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Quán Ăn Cu Đức is the only real sit-down place I’m gonna recommend, but it’s a doozy. This highland style eatery specializes in a wide range of meats and vegetables that you grill yourself on an inverted roof tile.


Cá suối nướng ngói (crocodile grilled on tiles)

While insanely popular it is in no way geared to western tourists. The staff are friendly but don’t expect a lick of English and don’t be surprised if you become an object of interest for the surrounding tables.

We had the cá sấu nướng ngói (crocodile with okra and eggplant marinated in turmeric and chili) and the somewhat less exotic but possibly even better tasting bò nướng ngói (house specialty beef filet).

Bò nướng ngói (Beef baked on tiles)

With the meats you get all sorts of nifty accoutrements like green chili and lime dipping sauce, roasted peanuts, a massive sesame rice cracker, seasoned salt, and a very interesting pickled palm fruit that I’m still trying to figure out the name for.

Pickled Fruit (ID, Please?)

Anybody know these things are called?

Hands down my favorite dish though was the đậu bắp luộc. It translates as just ‘boiled okra’, but at Quán Ăn Cu Đức they serve it with a clay pot of bubbling fish caramel mixed with some sort of chopped nut. (I have been informed that I am a doofus and this is actually pork fat. Dammit, Vietnam travel, why are you so delicious AND confusing?)

Đậu bắp luộc

That’s the sauce in the back right.

I can not describe the ground-shaking deliciousness. I’m pretty sure this was one of my favorite dishes we’ve had the whole trip. Which is why it makes me extra sad that I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS!!! Ghawr! Knash! Friggit!

If you can send me a recipe, I’ll give you France.

Quán Ăn Cu Đức – 6A Nguyễn Lương Bằng, Ward 2, Đà Lạt.

You can check out part of their menu here (in Vietnamese, but Google Translate helps a bit)

So there you have it folks. Plenty of eating stops to keep you busy in the temperate oasis of Dalat. Don’t blow it.

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