Vietnam travel tips: Packing Check

Some travelers jam their suitcase with enough for a month when traveling for a long weekend. On the other extreme, some toss a pair of and a few t-shirts into a backpack and forget important things like medicine or their passport.

Ideally you want to pack just the minimum that you’ll need so that you can travel light – but still have all the essentials necessary for a stress-free vacation.

Our handy packing list doesn’t tell you which wardrobe items to pack – that will vary upon season, destination and whether your travel plans are casual or more formal – but do take our advice and pack less rather than more. And don’t forget to have sturdy luggage tags on your luggage so that all your careful packing doesn’t go missing

luggage full and ready to travel
luggage full and ready to travel

– prescription drugs packed in original containers (and a photocopy of your prescription)
– photocopies of your important travel documentation (example: passport) stored in a separate location from the originals
list of important phone numbers you might need in case of an emergency
– travel health insurance
– translation/phrase book if traveling to a country with a language different from yours – or a multi-language electronic translator
shortwave AM/FM travel radio if traveling off the beaten track
– comfortable walking
– sun hat
– sunscreen
– natural insect repellent and anti-itch remedies
– earplugs
– natural sleep aid
– inflatable pillow (handy for train, bus or car travel)
– camera
– film (if not taking a digital camera)
– pen and paper
– moist towelettes
– guidebook(s) or city maps for your destination
– book(s) for pleasure reading or audio books
first aid supplies or mini first aid kit (should include tea tree oil or anitbotic ointment, bandaids, etc.)
– bathing suit (plus an extra one if you’ll be swimming more than once a day)
– beach coverup or sarong
– waterproof tote sack
– moneybelt/pouch
– plastic bags & a few ziplock bags
– toiletry bag (with your essential toiletries)
– small locks for luggage
– travel umbrella
– travel raincoat or poncho for men or women’s rainwear
– compact travel binoculars
– small flashlight using AA batteries
– shortwave radio
– travel clock with alarm
– travelers cheques
– iPod travel speakers