Top 11 Vietnamese Fresh Fruit Smoothie Desserts
One of popular Vietnamese Street Food is Fruit Smoothie Dessert. Making fruit Smoothie is really easy. Because you just need to pour fruit into the Liquidizer, add a little sugar or milk if you love sweet, finally you will have an amazing fruit smoothie by yourself. Today, I will introduce to you 11 Fruit Smoothie Desserts in Vietnam.
>>> Other: vietnam hanoi is the cultural capital of Vietnam and its heart and soul1. Hoang Kim Fruit Smoothie Dessert: Hoang Kim is the mixture of three yellow fruits in Vietnam. They are Mango, Banana and Cantaloupe. Its flavor is really sweet naturally. You do not need to add more sugar or milk to this dessert.

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2. Mango with Jackfruit Smoothie Dessert: The strong sweet flavor of mango and jackfruit will be reduced by yoghurt and ice. One mango fruit and some sections of jackfruit can create a delicious dessert for yourself and family.
3. Strawberries Fruit Smoothie Dessert: This is one of most popular Vietnamese Street Food of young people. They usually order this dessert when hang out with friends. Moreover, it is really good for your skin if you use it usually. It can reduce acnes and make your skin is smoother.
4. Orange Juice with Raspberries Fruit Smoothies Dessert: In hot days, never better if you can enjoy the dessert from raspberries and orange juice. Put some leaves of basil on the top to décor your dish.
5. Agar with Mango Fruit Smoothie Dessert: It is a combination between of the sweet of mango and the crispy of agar. With many Vietnamese Street Food that you not only can buy on streets, but also can make at home.
6. Yoghurt with Pineapple and Mango fruit Smoothie Dessert: If you love eating Pineapple, this dessert is the best choice for you. There are many ways to make Pineapple Fruit Smoothie. It can combine with many other fruits. And this dessert is the combination with mango.
7. Strawberries with Banana Fruit Smoothie Dessert: A little sour from strawberries with the sweet from banana will bring a comfortable feeling for yourself and family. Moreover, you can add yoghurt non-fat to your dish; it will create the best dessert ever.
8. Apple with Raspberries fruit smoothie Dessert: Raspberries contains high fibrous and water lever. It is really good for health, especially for diabetics. With 100gr of raspberries each day, you can apply enough fibrous for your body.
9. Banana Fruit Smoothie Dessert: Banana not only can provide energy for your body, but also can make your skin more beautiful. In addition, it is really good for your digestive system. Hope you can choose to make this dish once time, you will not regret about the decision.
10. Pumpkin Smoothie Dessert: There are many benefits from pumpkin. It prevents the stress and body breakdown. In hot summer, weather changes irregularly, this dessert is really useful to improve your health. Enjoy it with some cookies in breakfast meals can help your new day perfectly.
11. Mixture of fruits and bulbs: this dessert is one of popular Vietnamese street food which not only can is fresh, but also is really good for health.
To sum up, when you feel hot inside or you want to protect your skin, fruit smoothie dessert is the best choice. Many Vietnamese Street food not only is cheap, but also is really good for health. Moreover, with these desserts, they can provide more Vitamin C for your body and skin to prevent the UV of the sun.