The beauty of Ham Rong Mountain in Sapa
on 5th Tháng Chín 2015

Ham Rong Mountain is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the town of sa pa. Ham Rong Mountain is rounded by clouds. Here the flowers bloom all year round. The season has its flowers, makes scene where innovation, and attractive travelers. Go here each season, visitors to enjoy new things separate each moment.

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Being shaped like a dragon’s head dimly looming in the thin veil of the early morning, Ham Rong Mountain that is fine combination of man-made and natural landscape is an attractive tourist area in the center of Sapa town.

What to see

Ham Rong is home to numerous kinds of flowers and orchard gardens. Wandering stone paths leads tourists to wild peach forest, then orchid gardens with more than 6000 orchid plants belonging to 194 kinds. Besides, there are a lot of indigenous and exotic flowers grown along the paths like Lily of the Nile, hydrangea, geraniums, ox-eyed daisy and cheery blossom. Mountain fruits like peach, plum, and pear are also found here. The scenery hidden in the fog and echo sound from bamboo flute of Mong minority boy change this place into a heaven on the earth.

Another interesting activity is conquering San May (Cloud Yard), the peak of Ham Rong Mountain at the altitude of 1800m to enjoy the imposing panorama of Sapa town. In sunny days, from here tourists can even see the peak of Fansipan under clear sky with white cloud floating around. Along the way to San May, tourists may drop by Cong Troi 1, Cong Troi 2 (Heaven Gate1 and 2) for resting and photo taking. These places also offer visitors a great view to French villas and terraced fields below.

When to go

The best time to visit Ham Rong is spring, when all flowers in the mountain blossom, boast their beauty and perfume.

How to get there

The foot of Ham Rong Mountain is only a short walk from Sapa church. It just takes tourists staying in Sapa town very few minutes to walk from their hotel to Ham Rong Mountain.

Let follow us and admire the space and wonderful scenery. These beautiful photos of Ham Rong Mountain is we recorded with the latest colors, the most characteristic.

It can be said Ham Rong Mountain is a place to visit interesting tourist areas in particular Sapa viet nam and the country in general. Come to Ham Rong to enjoy the natural beauty of this place.