Talking Twin Babies – Babies Babble Like Adults

Today, I would like to introduce you a viral video of two diaper-clad babies babbling in the kitchen has people wondering what the tots are talking about. Some people can see this adorable video before and I guess that you all surprised and believed in the miracle.

Eighteen-month-old twin boys Sam and Ren appear to be having a grown-up conversation complete with questions, answers, facial expressions and gestures, even the odd laugh. But they aren’t speaking English. Instead of producing words, the boys are making different sounds in the tone and rhythm of speech.

After the video went viral, scholars everywhere attempted to translate the babies’ conversation. And then the baby code has clearly cracked by the linguistic engineers at College Humor. Surprisingly, the babies were talking about politics.

Now, don’t hesitate to enjoy the video and explore the coversation between twin babies

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