It’s easy to get around Nha Trang (again, options!). You can rent a bicycle or motorbike.

The restaurant is simple and clean, with lively music and side-by-side portraits of Ho Chi Minh and Gandhi.

In particular, Long Chai Hai San Dai Duong has an awesome al fresco terrace with a great selection of fresh seafood.

Here you can also get another tasty snack, banh trang nuong, grilled rice paper topped with ingredients like quail egg, green onions and minced

Oh and there was Vietnamese coffee too, how could I forget, I'm not a big coffee drinker but I know that if you are, you are in coffee paradise

Who would have thought that something so simple can be so delicious, I will definitely be trying to make this myself some day : ) it is absolutely delicious

Nha Trang was our second stop in Vietnam. My boyfriends home town. We had four days to spend in Nha Trang, visiting families and doing some touristsie things

The birds nest also known as ear nest folk (for the nom-like ears), also in traditional medicine and economic transactions, it is called a bird nest

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