Restoration of historic temple in Hue, Vietnam

July next year, tourists traveling toHue will have the opportunity to contemplate the architectural beauty of Ta Tung Tu (Left temple of literature), a building in Nguyen Dynasty Emperor Minh Mang’s royal which is undergoing a long and extensive restoration process starting this August.

This project has begun on August 11, 2011 and is estimated to take nearly one year with a total of 7.2 billion VND (roughly US$346,000) to complete. According to the Hue Relic Preservation Center, funding of the project will be provided by the World Monuments Fund (US$46,000) and the center’s annual budget for restoration.

Ta Tung Tu belongs to the complex including Huu Tung Tu (Right Temple), Sung An Palace, and Hien Duc Mon, which once housed Emperor Minh Mang, his empress and other high ranking mandarins. Built in 1843, the temple has since been badly damaged by war, time and weather and can no longer remain intact. The project aims to bring this relic back to life and help local people as well as tourists to know more about the magnificent beauty of the temple and the complex as a whole, to understand and treasure history.

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