Ray Fish (Ca Duoi)
on 4th Tháng Mười Một 2015
The ray dishes now become a popular Vietnamese Street Food, but I think the best way to enjoy it is coming to some beach cities like Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Long Hai, Da Nang.moreover, the best time for enjoying it is from January to the end of March of lunar calendar.
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However, As I know, there are 3 main ways for cooking ray fish. Let us find out:Grilled rays:

It is the easiest way of making rays but it is extremely delicious. All you need is a hot coal and some guise leaves. Putting the rays into the leaf and then put them onto the hot coal to grill. You just wait not more than 10 minutes to enjoy. The dish is tastier, if the rays are seasoned some ingredients, garlic, chili and lemongrass. The dishes are more fantastic if you drink some Vietnamese wine like Đế wine, Chuối wine. Some restaurant usually grilling the ray in front of the door to attract the customers, it is the reason this dish belongs to the Vietnamese Street Food.
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Cooking curry is easy, you only need eggplant. The eggplant is cut into small parts which are similar with the size of rays’ part. Curry’ rays is also a low price dish, you could eat it with rice or noodles. The fisher man like eating the ray curry due to it has good smell.Rays hot pot:

Rays hot pot is one of my interests Vietnamese Food whenever travels to Vung Tau and Mui Ne. The flavors of rays are different with different vegetable and ingredients. In my opinion, the broth of rays is excellent when adding river leaf or tamarind due to it becomes sour and attracts the taste.
To sum up, different area has a different making the rays. The north area like eating the rays’ hot pot, the middle part like rays curry and the south people like eating grilled rays. Coming and enjoying one moreVietnamese Street Food in my beautiful country. Good Luck and Have an amazing trip.