Ostrich riding_ best thing to do in Tra Vinh

If you wanna travel to Vetnam but don’t know anythings about Vietnam travel, you can look at in this topic to see things to do in vietnam. It’s really useful. In Tra Vinh have so many best thing to do, Speacial is Ostrich riding. This activity alone has attracted thousands of visitors to Vinh Long, 20% of these are from overseas.

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The Vinh Sang Range

The entrance to Vinh Sang range

The ostrich range is called Vinh Sang, located in Long Ho district, Vinh Long. There are about 40 ostriches here, who are friendly, and can even greet visitors. The owner of the range is just as nice as these wonderful creatures. Not only would he let you ride his pets, you could also pet, feed or even talk to them.

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About the ostriches

Just your friendly ostrich and her fellows. Totally not hostile at all.

According to the veterinarian, ostriches are nice, they won’t step on anyone (most of the time). They are strong too, can carry up to 200kg, so they can easily carry a couple or a huge individual. When riding these guys, be sure to be gentle, and don’t hold on to their necks like you wanna choke them out, just wrap your hands and feet tightly onto their wings and torsos. The tighter your grip, the faster they go.

Upon entering the range, visitors will be taken to see these lovable creatures. Don’t worry, you will get to ride them if that is what you desire. If you have seen an ostrich on TV, you would think that these guys are big. When you see one in real life, you would know that they are bigger than you thought. Some people might even be terrified by them, some would show signs of hesitation but go for it anyway.

Who gets to ride the ostrich?

Anyone can ride an ostrich in Vinh Long

If you are a veteran horse rider, you might find riding an ostrich a bit familiar. There is a saddle on every ostrich to help everyone feel comfortable. But if riding bareback is more in your comfort zone then feel free to ask an instructor to take it off and enjoy your ostrich ride, cowboy style.

Tourists come here mainly to experience this new activity that has rarely been seen in Vietnam. The kids are the ones most excited. Yes. Your children can ride these fellows as well. As I’ve said: Completely harmless, they won’t step on your kids.

How do the locals feel?

The nights in Vinh Long have been buzzing recently

In the midst of complicating rivers and canals, the locals used to have no form of entertainment that they can find outside of the houses. But, with the introduction of the ostriches, they were blessed with joy. According to a local Vinh Long citizen, since 2005, so many people have and ask him for directions, many of them aren’t from Vietnam. And that put a smile in the faces of the people around here because they know that their hometown is becoming more well-known, and Vinh Long tourism has obviously gained a resounding reputation over that last 10 years.

Is there anything else to do in Vinh Sang?

In addition to ostrich riding, there are also other activities that can be enjoyed in Vinh Sang range. If you still want to be more involved with animals, try heading out to the lake and take a boat ride, go alligator fishing (don’t really know how that works but it is there). Or if you prefer something a little bit more peaceful, make way to Cu lao An Binh where the countryside vibe is definitely in the air. See the garden of Mr. Sau Giao with hundreds of plants and a hundred-year-old Bonsai, or the stilt house of Mr. Muoi Day, the French-themed estate of Mr. Hai Hoang.