Noodle soups_ Special food in Ho Chi Minh City

Thanks to the creation from Saigonese, the specialties are always created from simple recipes. The combination of noodles and many different ingredients gives diners the colorful and flavorous dishes. If you have a chance to visit Ho Chi Minh City, take time to enjoy these must try noodle soups.

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Mi sui cao Ha Ton Quyen (sparkling puller noodle soup)

noodle soups

Ha Ton Quyen Street has been known as the best place to eat sparkling puller noodle soup. The distinct flavor of this dish comes from the dried squid and the soup. The squid after being dried and seasoned is so tasty and crispy. The broth is cooked from pork bones has pure and light sweet flavors.

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Chicken roti noodle soup

noodle soups

Unlike its name, the chicken is more likely being fried than roasted. The chicken skin is crunchier and fattier.

Mi vit tiem (Roasted Duck with Egg Noodle Soup)

noodle soups

This dish has the flavor of herbal medicine, the taste of fatty duck meat, and the freshness of vegetable.

Kidney noodle soup

noodle soups

The most popular food shop which serves kidney noodle soup is located on Truong Dinh Street. The specialty of this dish is the crispy and tasty slices of pock kidney.

Curried fish ball noodle soup

noodle soups

This food is spicy and light sweet. The color is so gentle with the yellow of the noodle and the white of the fish ball. There is a restaurant serving this dish on Nguyen Trai Street.

Mi pha lau

noodle soups

This dish is the combination of noodles and pha lau (fried seasoned meat in Chinese style). Because of its simple recipe and tasty flavor, this food is always well sold at many places in Sai Gon.

Singapore noodle soup

noodle soups

This food has eye-catching colors including the white yellow of the noodles, the red of the shrimp, the brown of the pork organ, and the green of the vegetable.

Venison satay noodle soup

noodle soups

It’s a popular food of Tieu people (an ethnic group of China). This food is prepared carefully in every stage. The cook must have skill to blanch the venison in order to create the distinct flavor.

Pork rib noodle soup

noodle soups

Rib noodle soup has the sweetness from bone broth, the softness of the ribs, and the spicy taste of the noodles.