Long My Historical Site in Hau Giang

The Long My Historical Site belongs to Long My District, which is known as a big district of Hau Giang Province and is approximately sixty kilometers from Can Tho City to the southwest. Come to Hau Giang in Summer is the best time to visit vietnam

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Long My Historical Site was used to be forestland two years ago. It was officially reclaimed to become a well-off rural area in 1920. In addition, Long My Historical Site was the revolutionary base of Hau Giang and the western part of South Viet Nam during the two wars of the country against the foreign enemies. Also, this site is also the place where many fierce battles took place. If the tourists visit the Long My Historical Site, they will have a chance to admire the temple which was established to worship President Ho Chi Minh in Luong Tam Commune.

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This temple was constructed in 1969 by the Party Committee and people of Long My District. Covering a total area of one hectare, Long My Historical Site’s temple has undergone many times of reconstruction and restoration up to now. Every year, on the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, this site attracts a great number of visitors from different places of the country. They come here in order to learn about the brilliant history of Long My people in the two resistance wars in the past as well as take part in many entertainment activities. Moreover, there are many tourists coming to the Long My Historical Site to admire the architecture of the temple dedicated to Uncle Ho, a national hero of Viet Nam.

Temple of Uncle Ho

Additionally, a visit to Long My Historical Site also gives the tourists a great opportunity to pay a visit to the stork sanctuary in Xa Phien Commune. This sanctuary was established since 1986. Housing nearly ten thousands of storks which are various in species and types together with thirty species of bird which are known the most typical birds in the South Region of Viet Nam. Coming to this stork sanctuary, you will feel like being lost in a world of bird sounds, sweet fruits, and fascinating scenery. In conclusion, Long My Historical Site is an attractive destination for those who like to admire natural landscape as well as learn more about the history of Vietnam in the two resistance wars.