Let’s explore different flowering seasons in Vietnam in each month of a year
on 23rd Tháng Mười Một 2015

From the North Pole to the South Pole and from the West to the East, travelers can catch gorgeous flowering seasons in any time of year. Let’s explore different flowering seasons in Vietnam in each month of a year.

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Peach blossoms – Northwest Vietnam

Peach blossoms

Peach blossoms – Source: Image from Wikimedia Commons

When cold and icy winds of winter are passing through and the warm spring sunshine is coming, this is the time of peach blossoms blooming throughout Northwest hillsides. It is the wild and natural beauty of this flower that attracts both domestic and international backpackers traveling Northwest Vietnam. In spite of blooming throughout the Northwest, Sapa peach blossoms are more attractive to travelers because of its remarkable vitality in freezing winters. Sapa peach blossoms often come into exquisite bloom from December to February. If travelers are lucky enough, they can also watch snow falling in Sapa. In addition to Sapa, Moc Chau is also an ideal place to enjoy peach blossoms. Moc Chau peach blossoms are originated from France. This type is paler and has less petals than Sapa peach blossoms. Despite being known as a new breed, French peach blossoms are quickly harmonious with Moc Chau climate and soil. Nowadays, it becomes one of strange features in Moc Chau in Lunar New Year. Pink petals dotted in the white fields of Hoa Cai Trang (a flower with white petals) make Moc Chau Plateau become more beautiful and romantic.

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Apricot Flowers – Southwest Vietnam

An apricot tree in Ba Chua Xu, Chau Doc, An Giang Province

An apricot tree in Ba Chua Xu, Chau Doc, An Giang Province – Source: Image from Wikimedia Commons

On occasion of Luna New Year, if peach blossom is a typical symbol of Northwest’s Tet holiday, apricot flowers symbolize for the spring in the Southwest. Visiting Sa Dec or Cho Lach (Lach Market) in December (lunar calendar), tourists can enjoy the glorious and colorful beauty of apricot flowers and others.

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Hoa Sua (Dalbergia tonkinensis) – Hanoi

Hoa Sua in Thong Nhat Park, Hanoi

Hoa Sua in Thong Nhat Park, Hanoi – Source: Image from Panoramio

In Hanoi Capital, Hoa Sua is not grown in a certain street but scattered in many streets of the city.  Wandering around Hanoi streets such as Giang Vo, Phan Dinh Phung, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoang Hoa Tham, or Thanh Nien at this time, it is easily to catch white flowers beautiful blooming.

Flowers of apricots and plums in Moc Chau

Plum flowers in North Vietnam

Plum flowers in North Vietnam – Source: Image from Flickr

Just only blooming in the first two or three weeks of February, apricots and plum’s flowers make Northwest Vietnam become a paradise for those who love watching and immersing in the white color of these flowers. The pale pink of apricots and the pure white of plum’s flowers create fabulous scenery for this plateau.


Hoa Gao (Bombax Ceiba) – Hanoi

Hoa Gao - Bombax ceiba

Hoa Gao – Bombax ceiba – Source: Image from Wikimedia Commons

Hoa Gao, which is called by other names such as Moc Mien or Po Lang, is popular flowers of Vietnamese Northern village. Hoa Gao is often attached with the childhoods of many Vietnamese generations. When Hoa Gao is blooming, it indicates that spring is coming to the end and summer is upcoming. The brilliant red of these flowers not only creates a peaceful beauty for the Northern villages but also recalls beautiful memories of childhoods.  March is the time that Hoa Gao brilliantly bursts into bloom. At that time, if tourists make a pilgrimage to Huong Pagoda, they can enjoy the natural beauty of Hoa Gao blooming on both sides of Yen Stream.

Ban Flower (Bauhinia) – Northwest Vietnam

Hoa Ban - Bauhinia in Northwest Vietnam

Hoa Ban – Bauhinia in Northwest Vietnam – Source: Image from Flickr

Annually, in March, when the weather is warm, Ban Flowers often bloom throughout mountains and hills in Northwest Vietnam. The bloom of Ban Flower is signal of Spring. Ban Flowers have many colors including white, red, and violet. Setting foot in Son La Province or Dien Bien Province at that time, travelers may be surprised by the pure beauty of white petals of Ban Flowers. Besides, visiting Moc Chau when Ban Flowers are blooming, travelers also have a great opportunity to take part in Het Cha Festival – a special festival of Thai ethnic minority group. The festival is annually organized approximately from March, 23rd to 26th.

Coffee flowers – Central Highlands Vietnam

Coffee Flowers

Coffee Flowers – Source: Image from Wikimedia Commons

March is the most beautiful time to travel in Central Highlands Vietnam. At that time, the coffee flowers gloriously bloom. The white color of this flower covers the whole region. In the cold weather, small but pretty petals of coffee flowers often bring the spring atmosphere for locals here. On the way in basalt soil, two sides are filled with white flowers, travelers can feel the elegant aroma of coffee flower’s blending the breezes.


Lilies – Hanoi:


LiLy – Source: Image from Wikimedia Commons

When April is coming, it is the time of Hanoi lily’s season. Hanoi at that time is filled with seductive lilies. Lily season often last in very short time.

Do Quyen (Azalea) – Fansipan

Do Quyen Flower

Do Quyen Flower – Source: Image from Wikimedia Commons

Do Quyen often blooms all year round, however, these flowers are most beautiful in April. In spite of naturally growing, Do Quyen has gorgeous beauty with striking and diverse colors such as red, pink, yellow, white, and so on. To enjoy the beauty of this flower, there is no place more ideal than Hoang Lien National Park (Lao Cai Province), which is considered as a Kingdom of Do Quyen. As Do Quyen is gloriously blooming, it is the favorable time to travel to Fansipan Mountain. Conquering the roof of Indochina and savoring the beauty of Do Quyen is a perfect choice for challenging travelers.

Trau flowers (Vernicia Montana) – Northwest Vietnam

Trau flowers or Vernicia montana in Northwest Vietnam

Trau flowers or Vernicia montana in Northwest Vietnam – Source: Image from Wikimedia Commons

In April, from Yen Bai, Lao Cai to Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang…, it is easily to see Trau flowers. This flower is covering in every corner of these mountainous provinces at that time.