Khmer Temples in Tra Vinh

If you’re wondering  what to do in vietnam, and where to start, Tra Vinh is a Best destination for your starting. Indeed, Tra Vinh has been the home of a very large Khmer community for a very long time, making it the land of Khmer’s cultural treasures. When it comes to talking about the cultural aspect of this region, we can’t fail to mention to the unique system of more than 140 Khmer temples and pagodas located right there. That’s also the highest number among Mekong Delta provinces.

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The Temples were constructed in many different historical stages during the very long history of this land, but they all have clearly presented architectural characteristic of Khmer culture. Here are 3 most famous Khmer temples in Tra Vinh that the tourists should never miss out as having the chance to visit this great southern land of Vietnam

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Vam Ray Temple

Tra Vinh
Huge Gate of Vam Ray Temple in Tra Vinh Province

Vam Ray temple was built in Vam Ray hamlet (Ham Tan – Tra Cu – Tra Vinh). It is no other things but the biggest Khmer temple not only in Tra Vinh, but also all over Vietnam’s territory.

Just taking a walk around the temple, you will, of course, be immediately impressed by its splendid look and awesome beauty right from the first sight. Definitely, Vam Ray Temple looks like a grand golden palace with a lot of meticulously carved patterns. It’s totally covered by the just glorious color of gold that can be found at every corner of the temple, from the walls to the dome, statues of Buddha, pillars and bas-reliefs as well. Not only about that, Vam Ray temple also presents a 54-meter statue which features the Buddha Enter Nirvana.

Coming to this destination in the right time of the year, tourists will, of course, have the chance to memorably experience Khmer’s unique cultural festivals like the Chol Chnam Thmay, Ok Om Bok, Dolta festivals, etc.

Ang Temple

Tra Vinh
Ang Temple in Tra Vinh Province

Ang Temple is sited about 3.1 miles from the center of Tra Vinh city that’s very easy for the tourists to reach to. It was constructed in the 10th century and has considered as Tra Vinh’s oldest temple, representing the truly unique architectural style among existing Khmer temple system.

Apparently, Ang temple’s design is the harmonious mixture of Khmer and Angkorian decorative styles. From the temple’s gate, to its roof, poles and other pieces, all are dressed up with the symbols of Naga snake god, fairies, and bird heads, etc, drawing up a great look of Ang temple’s powerful majesty. On the other hand, several hundreds of trees ageing over 100-year-old will bring visitors very fresh air and peaceful emotion.

Hang Temple

Tra Vinh
Hang Temple in Tra Vinh Province

Hang Temple or also known as Kompong Chray Temple is located in Chau Thanh district of Tra Vinh, representing Theravada Buddhist religion. It was built about 300 years ago, possessing a really beautiful architecture featured by vivid statues, characterized decorative style of Khmer culture, combining with a very big gate that’s built like a cave. They all absolutely surprise the visitors right from the first sight coming to the temple. Additionally, lots of trees grown around the Ang temple that are the house of so many birds make the old temple much more unique and attractive.

Co Temple

Tra Vinh
Co Temple in Tra Vinh Province

Co Temple was built up in 1677 in Giong Lon village (Dai An, Tra Cu, Tra Vinh, Vietnam), featuring many distinctive Khmer cultural characteristics. The most special thing the visitors can find out when coming to this ancient temple is the countless number of stocks living there that creates very awesome moments for those who come there to pray and enjoy the scenery.