Háng Đồng is a great place to watch the sea of clouds

It’s really a challenge to conquer this place when there are steep roads and abyss. This path looks like a ribbon winding halfway up to the sky.

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Hang Dong

Weather and territory

Hang Dong with the altitude of about 2,000 meters is one of the roofs of Sapa,Vietnam. This place has cold climate all year round and high humidity. The temperature of this place is lower than the average temperature of about 5 to 7 Celcius degree. That’s why this spot is always misting and freezing.

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Hang Dong

Best time to visit

September to March is the best period of time to hunt clouds in Hang Dong cold air together with high humidity creating sea of clouds floating like in a fairy tale.

Hang Dong

Late August and September are time for lush golden terraced fields.


There is sleeping and catering service in this place. You have to down to Bac Yen Town, which is 30 kilometers from Hang Dong. There will be hotels, motels, food shops which are convenient for your choice.

You can ask inhabitants in Hang Dong for a sleep if you want to stay in this place. Remember to report local authorities when you stay overnight here.

Hang Dong


Sleeping bus: You can catch a sleeper bus in Yen Nghia Bus Station to reach Bac Yen Town, Son La.

Motorbike: This destination is located about 200 kilometers from Hanoi, so, you can drive a motorbike to Hang Dong following the below route:

Hanoi – Son Tay – Trung Ha Bridge – Thanh Son – Thu Cuc T-junction – Muong Coi – Phu Yen – Bac Yen – Hang Dong.

Hang Dong