Ha Noi is so Noise

The first thing that may strike you about Hanoi is the noise. Noise in Hanoi is the complex combination of noise screaming out from a public announcement system at dawn, horns from vehicles or noise from people conversations.

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noise in hanoi

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Hanoi is the city with high population density and there are up to 5 million motorbikes. As you step into the streets, the drivers start honking at you. Every single vehicle in Hanoi from cars, taxis to motorbikes give horns, from “beep beep” to “la cu corachal”. A tap of the horn is a great way to give signals to other drivers that you are approaching, to warn them and to avoid accidents. While in Vietnam, motorists honking their horns as a way of letting everyone else know that they are driving there. They drive with horns even in rush hours when streets are crowded and people are crawling in streets.


noise in hanoi

Besides, noise can come from people’s conversations. Sometimes, a conversation can catch your ear from some distance. The volume can level up at any bia hoi shops or street food.

Public loudspeakers

noise in hanoi
Noise from public loudspeakers

There are many loudspeaker systems and they are going to assault your senses. They are turned on in the early morning or late evening at maximum volume. The day will start with morning news at 7:00 am. And if you are going to a morning stroll, beware. And when the evening approaches, it’s time for 30 minutes of evening news.

So, don’t forget to pack your earplugs when coming to Hanoi.