Exploring the North of Vietnam

Traveling to the North to explore the spectacular mountainous scene, the peaks appearing from a distance like islands jutting above a sea of cloud, the forests harbor many species of wild animals, butterflies and flower. You don’t miss the chance to view the breathtaking landscape of flower blossoming seasons unique of the Northeast region of Vietnam.

 “”We don’t divide the seasons into spring, summer, autumn and winter. Rather, we think of time in terms of when flowers bloom”  a “professional” flower traveler said.

Buckwheat blossoming season ( Tam Giac Mach)

When autumn coming ,  farmers finish harvesting their crops on the terraced fields on Dong Van Stone Plateau in the northernmost province of Ha Giang, buckwheat plants start to blossom, turning the whole region into a charming pink painting. The flower is characterized by triangle-shaped pistils and this is why local people call buckwheat the “triangular flower”. Buckwheat flowers characteristically open in pinkish white and then turn light purplish. Nobody knows exactly how long the buckwheat plants have been in the region. However, the locals often use its grain-like seeds to make their food, such as cakes and to make a kind of tasty wine.


Buckwheat blossoming season is in October- November.

Pristine white flowers season ( hoa cai trang)

Moc Chau is far from Hanoi about 200km is famous for a large herd of milk cows, immense tea plantations, big gardens of plum and apricot trees, and large green grass field of about 1, 6000 hectares. It also is one of the best attractions for those who are passionate about photography. When November comes, And Moc Chau Plateau is covered in vast fields of pristine white flowers. Pristine white flowers stretch across dozens of hectares covered fields, hills with a smooth white. Pristine white flowers season in the Northwest region coincide with the wedding season in October and November, so it attracts many couples coming here to take wedding photograph.

 hoa cai trang

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 Cherry and plum flowers blossom (hoa dao, man)

After Tet (Lunar New Year Festival), the Moc Chau plateau or Sapa are covered in the pure white colour of apricot and plum flowers. As the weather starts to get warmer in the plateau and tea mountains, apricot and plum flowers also bloom. You will be delighted to see hills of plum trees, their white blooms mingling with young and tender leaves. Beautiful plum flowers are fragile and pure, but they still bloom in early spring. Small plum flowers cover the skinny branches like a beautiful scarf.

Plum flowers bloom for only a short period, about two to three weeks, so if you want to admire the beauty of this flower, you should plan to visit Moc Chau in the beginning of February.

hoa đào

 Azaleas in Hoang Lien Son national park ( Hoa do quen)

Visitors to the Sa Pa  tourism this occasion the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure tree native azalea blooming brilliant ASEAN Heritage Park in Sa Pa, Vietnam

Hoang Lien National Park – Sa Pa, has 30 species of azalea grow wild, where most flowers are very beautiful with the red, pink, yellow, white …
Azalea in Hoang Lien Son mountain bloom almost all year round, especially in late spring to early summer every year.

Hoa do quen