Attractions- War Relics In Northern Vietnam 2

On occasion of the National Renunciation, tourists may understand more about Vietnam bygones by visiting war relics during the holiday. Here are suggested destinations in Northern Vietnam for tourists.

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Dien Bien Phu Historical Relics

Situated in the city center of Dien Bien, the Dien Bien Phu Historical Relics include Him Lam hill, A1 hill, Muong Thanh bridge, Martyrs Cemetery A1 hill, D1 hill, C1 hill, command tunnel of General Do Cat, Dien Bien Phu museum, etc.

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This is a famous destination in Dien Bien

The relics are considered a glorious history lesson, saved by photographs and artifacts. The relics not only serve visitors but also show meaningful education of patriotism, revolutionary tradition for the younger generations.

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Son La Prison

Son La prison was built by French colonial in 1908 with original area of 500 square meters. In 1930, the prison was extended to 1,500 square meters and up to 1,700 square meters in 1940. Today, the relics are situated on Khau Ca hill, To Hieu ward, Son La city.

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The entrance of Son La prison

The prison was built solidly and made of stone and brick. Bed system for prisoner was paved of cement, outer edge mounted with leg shackles along the length of the floor, etc. Today, relics Son La prison is an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.