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On occasion of the National Renunciation, tourists may understand more about Vietnam bygones by visiting war relics during the holiday. Here are suggested destinations in Northern Vietnam for tourists.

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Hoa Loa Prison

Hoa Lo prison situated on Hoa Lo street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi was built by French colonial in 1896. With total area of 12,000 square meters, the prison is divided into four areas.

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The design of the prison is just enough for 500 prisoners but in period 1950- 1953, Hoa Lo detained 2,000 prisoners.

Hoa Lo prison is surrounded by stone walls, reinforcing steel of 4 meter high, 0.5 m thick that is equipped with High-voltage lines. There are four watching towers in four corners of the prison to view the whole prison.

Tourists can partly imagine brutal types of torture, steel leg shackles, small cell lack of air, the guillotine in medieval period, etc.

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Tan Trao Historical Relics

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Tan Trao is August revolutionary historical relic in Son Duong district, 41 km from Tuyen Quang city.

Tan Trao historical relic was considered as Special National Relic on May, 2012 by The Prime Minister.

The relics has total area of 3,100 hectares with 177 relics including Na Nua, Canh Ve, Dien Dai, Tan Trao banyan tree, Tan Trao house, Hong Thai, etc.

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Pac Po Historical Relics

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Pac Po Historical Relics is situated in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district, about 55 km from Cao Bang city. This place is associated with activities of Ho Chi Minh president when he came back Vietnam as a leader of Vietnam revolutionary.

With values of history, culture and science of the relics, on May 10, 2012, it was awarded as Special National Relic by The Prime Minister. The relics Pac Po include Coc Po cave, Lung Lan, Nguom Vai, the house’s floor of Mr. Ly Quoc Sung, Le Nin spring, Cac Mac mountain, Gooc Mu field, Na Chang, Khuoi Nam hut, memorial house of Ho Chi Minh president, etc.