A museum unlike any other

This is a fantastic museum which is totally unexpected. You expect to see lots of photographs or memorabilia of Ho Chi Minh but it is not like that.(viet nam)

Two floors in total. The first floor showing pictures of Lenin and pictures of Ho Chi Minh which is ok but not special. The floor above is first an atrium with a statue of the founding Father himself and a magnet for Vietnamese parents to take photographs of their children next to the great man.

A circular side wing is the true star as the exhibits here have been displayed in a very modernistic interpretation of life leading up to the revolution, during and after. It is a combination of artifacts and moments in time from these three periods but displayed around sculptures which makes it look more like an art museum rather than a history museum.

They are beautiful to see and a very clever thought provoking interpretation. Museums are often buildings visited by tourists but this one is visited by hundreds of Vietnamese families with children of all ages enjoying themselves. It is not at all stuffy but vibrant and many European museums would love to have the same numbers passing through their doors. If you have been to Saigon and visited the war museum or Reunification Palace don’t expect the same experience here. This one is so different. Ho Chi Minh still carries a very strong influence on Vietnamese people today.

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